Tuesday, July 12, 2016

One, Two, Three. . . . Relax

by Maggie Sefton

Hey, Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day July 4th celebration, whether you like your summer events packed with activities or quiet and peaceful with plenty of time for naps.  Whatever suits your fancy.  

As I mentioned last week, I'm here in the Northern Virginia area outside of Washington, D.C.  Actually, I'm at what I call the river house,  surrounded by woods with deer and other wildlife and a block from the big Potomac River as it widens to flow into the welcoming Chesapeake Bay.  And, for those of you who know your geography, this entire area opens to the huge Atlantic Ocean.

The house has a lovely curved, wraparound deck where I love to sit and check email, do various Web work, or simply stare into the woods.  Sometimes, one of the many Bald Eagles will soar overhead and head for their nest at the top of a tall tree straight ahead in the deep woods.  It's wonderful to watch them soar overhead.  Such a wide wingspan!

The river house is a peaceful escape from the crazed tempo of the Metro DC/Suburban MD/Northern VA area.  Traffic here was bad when I was a kid, and that was quite a while ago.  Now---it's totally insane.  Here, only the residents who live in this secluded area drive up and down the roads.  And various service repair people or other regular delivery businesses.  Down the street/road, there are some truly beautiful homes right on the Potomac.  The majority of people here have bought their homes to escape to every weekend from the Metro Madness.  They come down here, don their relaxing clothes, sit on a comfy chair outside and. . .relax.  That's all.  Just relax.  :)  Where do you go to relax?  

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