Tuesday, July 26, 2016

On The Banks of the Potomac

by Maggie Sefton

                                                                                                                              Since we're in the middle of Presidential Campaign Season, right in between the Republican party and the Democratic party nominating conventions, I thought I'd give you folks a break and show you another side of my old hometown---Washington, D.C.  

These photos show an area I always enjoyed wandering through---Georgetown---which is  directly across the Potomac River via the Francis Scott Key bridge from Arlington, Virginia.  This small area
of beautifully preserved town houses and parks is not very big, but it has been a highly desirable location for decades, especially for the "powerful and politically connected."

This is one of the historic old canal boats that are pulled along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal by mule, even today.  The C&O Canal runs along the bottom of Georgetown and parallel to the Potomac River.   Needless to say, tourists love it.   And so do the locals, myself included.         

I grew up in Arlington, Virginia, literally a stone's throw across the Potomac from Washington.  We actually went shopping at the wonderful huge department stores there.  So, D.C. was  literally "downtown" in those days.

Now, with the massive population growth in the Northern Virginia/D.C./Suburban Maryland areas, there are huge shopping complexes all over the area.  Consequently, most families don't go into Washington to do their shopping anymore.  And with the appearance of marvelous concert and performance sites such as Wolf Trap Farm in Vienna in Northern Virginia, people don't have to go into Washington to the Kennedy Center and the National Theatre to attend great concerts, opera, and theatre.

I still remember going to wonderful twilight and evening orchestral concerts on the banks of the Potomac beside the Lincoln Memorial and listening to the U.S. Marine Corps, or the Army, or the Navy Bands.  Wonderful.   And, believe me, the Kennedy Center on the banks of the Potomac is a beautiful performance site.  All lit up on a summer night, it shines across the river like a lantern.  

In a couple of weeks on Saturday, August 6th on our Cozy Chicks Blog,  I'll be Spotlighting my political suspense mystery DEADLY POLITICS, which is set in Georgetown.  Meanwhile, I thought you folks would enjoy the photos and forget about real life politicians for a while.  :)

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