Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Now where did I put my...

Do you forget where you put things? I do it all the time. Where did I put my keys? (That my car has keyless entry is a total godsend!) What did I come in the kitchen for? Where did I put that note? Did I make a note? 

In Lethal in Old Lace out this winter, Reagan Summerside...owner of the Prissy Fox consignment shop...has this problem in spades. There’s a dead body on the loose and she can’t find it.

“Who’s down there?” KiKi called to me from the dark landing above, Uncle Putters club clutched firmly in her left hand. It looked like the 4 iron.

“It’s the boogie man,” I stage whispered. Who do you think it is and guess what, I’m not nuts.”

“You’re standing on my steps in the dark, I’d say the jury’s still out in the nuts part and did you raid my fridge, I smell chicken.”“The dead body’s back. What should we do?”


I grabbed KiKi’s hand and hustled her down the steps and out the front door into the night. “It’s a woman and she’s old.”“Something you’re not going to be if you keep dragging me like this.”

“And she has a blue dress and her hat fell off so I know this time she’s real but what was she doing in the Caddy and how did she get into my house?” I babbled as we crossed the front yards with me not caring who saw KiKi in her pink robe. I stopped on my sidewalk beside the cherry tree in full bloom that gave the house its name. I jabbed my finger at the front display window of the Prissy Fox. “See?”

“See what?”

“Sitting on the floor next to the mannequin and...” I blinked then blinked two more times. “That blue-hat lady was there, I swear it.”

KiKi kissed me on the cheek. “See, this is what happens when you don’t eat your veggies and you eat crap. Your brain rots.”

I parked my hands on my hips. “I’m getting a nutrition lecture from someone who thinks martini is the fifth food group?”

“We got the olives and the pimentos and that there vodka is potatoes so it’s a meal in a glass. Besides I’m not the one seeing dead people in every nook and cranny in the middle of the night. Now about that sleep.” Kiki looked me dead in the eyes. “Get some!”

So what things to you constantly misplace? Keys? Glasses? My mind. I should not be allowed to own a cordless phone as I constantly lose the thing! 


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