Thursday, July 7, 2016

Now here's a great deal!

By Victoria Abbott  aka Mary Jane and Victoria Maffini

Do we all love a sale?  I know I do.  So I wanted to let you all know that THE CHRISTIE CURSE, the first in our book collector mystery series is available in Kindle format for $1.99 RIGHT HERE

With book five THE HAMMETT HEX on the way shortly, we  were very excited to discover this boost for the series,  For some reason it made us want to party.  

We have had a great deal of pleasure out of writing this contemporary series that links to the great writers and sleuths of what is called The Golden Age of Detection. 

All to say, if you haven’t tried the series, here’s your low-risk opportunity.  Feel free to let us introduce you to Jordan Bingham, first in her large Irish family to go straight.  We loved having Jordan struggle with the pull of her uncles to join in the family business (let’s just say make sure you secure your valuables, readers!) versus an aboveboard life as the research assistant to Vera Van Alst, curmudgeonly collector of fine first editions of mysteries from the Golden Age of Detection.   She loves Van Alst House, especially the climate-controlled library with the rosewood shelves, the leather armchair, the wrought-iron circular staircase to the mezzanine and the Aubusson rug.  

With three great meals a day from Signora Panetone, the live-in cook, and a romantic attic apartment as part of her compensation, Jordan feels up to the task.

She had to show a certain amount of spine when her uncles discovered that she might just be ‘seeing’ a police officer.  What a scandal for the family! The police are definitely the other side.

Jordan soldiers on, determined to see if she can track down a possible unpublished play written by Agatha Christie during her eleven-day disappearance in 1926.  Too late she discovers that her predecessor died attempting the same thing.  That makes the issues Jordan has with the Siamese Bad Cat and Good Cat seem less important.     

She is glad to make the acquaintance of Walter the Pug and so were we.   That love affair continues and our fictional Walter let to Peachy the Pug closer to home.

All in all, if you enjoyed this book, we hope you’ll tell your friends about the deal and if you haven’t read any of the series, we hope you’ll join in the fun!

Thanks so much for coming by!  Be sure to let us know what you’re reading these hot July days.  The Cozy Chicks sure give you lots of choices and we are kicking up our heels when any of you choose The Christie Curse or any of our books,

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