Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Great Outdoors!

June is Outdoor Month. I love the outside! I very seldom use my AC as I love the open windows and the letting the outside in even if it is hot and humid.

I don’t use the AC in the car either. For me it’s windows down and letting the wind in. I love to hike and I love to plant stuff. My kids will give me gift certificates for manicures and as nice as it is, it’s a waste of money. 

I’m always digging and planting and hauling and fertilizing and... well you get the picture. I use gloves sometimes but other times I need to feel the dirt and the plants.

One of my fave outside things to do is hiking. IMO walking a place is really how you get to know it. I’ve taken tours where you drive around in a bus and the person narrates what you see and where you’re going. 

I never remember what they say and what I saw. I have to get out and walk and get lost...I always get lost even in Target I get lost...but that makes a place real for me. It’s the experience of the place.

I’ve had some great times in the outdoors...wonderful hikes and walks and some really scary times. There was the time we got lost on a hike in the middle of freaking nowhere and it started to snow and hail and we had no idea where we where. I thought for sure we’d have to spend the night on the side of that mountain. 

And then there was the hike with huge drop-offs and no turning back.
The ocean is the ultimate outdoor adventure. Nothing more fun than all those waves pounding your way. Or boating... Sailing is the best!

Another fave outdoor thing is grilling and even better is cooking over an open fire. Something about camping and that fire at night that is totally magical.

So what is your fave outdoor activity? Hiking? Walking? Swimming?

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