Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Travels

by Maggie Sefton

I'm back in Colorado for a couple of weeks after having a busy and fun-filled 2 weeks in Northern Virginia enjoying family and friends and celebrating my granddaughter Natale's graduation from high school with a picnic and special dinner in Washington, DC.

And, of course, playing with daughter Christine's family dogs----Grayson, a pit bull mix, and Wrigley, a Rottie.  Both of them sweet dogs that race  to greet me and slurp, slurp, slurp.  Doggie love.

The entire family gathered, including daughter Serena from Houston, who flew in.  Daughter Melissa came down from Manhattan.  Daughters Christine and Maria already live in Northern Virginia.  My son-in-law Tim's parents also drove in from Indiana.  So we had a big group.

Of course, summer travel also means you have to deal with summer thunderstorms which can really cause flight delays.  My flight leaving Washington Dulles airport was supposed to leave
at 7:00pm last Thursday night.  But summer thunderstorms traveling all over the East Coast kept incoming flights from arriving.  My flight finally left Dulles a little after midnight.  I arrived at Denver International airport at 2:00am Mountain Time (4:00am East Coast time).  Of course, the shuttle back to Fort Collins didn't run again until 4:30am, so it made for a very long night. . . turned into day.  Dawn was breaking as I arrived back at the shuttle station in Fort Collins where my car was parked.  So---I decided to treat myself to breakfast.  

People always ask me if I have gotten tired of traveling, and I can honestly say No, I have not.  The vast majority of the time, schedules and planes and shuttles all move on time.  No problems.  So, the weird screwed up times are really few and far between.  And, of course, when I returned I got to play with my doggies, Katy and Max.   :)

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