Thursday, June 23, 2016

Meet my new love

I have a new love in my life: my wisteria.  What? Oh.  Sorry if you were expecting Fabio!

But apparently, I have to watch out for betrayal.   I’d had no idea that this plant would be hardy here in Eastern Ontario.   

 To me, masses of wisteria seemed to signal old Charleston or somewhere else with a romantic history.   Still, hope springs eternal, as they say, and I planted one three summers ago.   

The first year, it barely stayed alive. 

The second year, it managed a pathetic shoot up the side of the naked pegola.  At that point, a gardening friend of mine from a better climate told me to beware.  It cannot be trusted to behave and without warning will leap to take over the roof and other plants nearby. There are even specialists in her BC town who can cut it back to save other plants, trees and structures. Huh!   

There was no sign of that.  More like: Should I call 911 for the poor beleaguered plant?  Now in its third year, the wisteria has survived and had a little northern growth spurt and is now moving up in the world.  It is outside my bedroom door and the pendulous mauve blooms give me a lift on these June mornings. I love the way it filters the bright morning sun on the little deck. 

Still, today, I thought I saw it casting a sidelong glance toward the eaves trough and the roof tiles. 

I’ll try to talk it down. But if you ask me, it’s worth it.

How about you?  Do you view wisteria with love or fear?  And do you have another climber that you want to recommend to me?  As you can see, we’re always willing to take a chance!  Let us know or just come by and say hello.

Happy late June, my friends!

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