Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lucky the Lamb and more!

On what we call the Victoria Day weekend, I was lucky enough to have a getaway with eight friends to mark the 35th reunion of our library school class. As always we made a lot of noise.  At dinner someone said, ten people (included one hubby), had fifteen conversations going at once! And an unusual guest!

There’s much to talk about this trip, but I wanted to share that my friend, Jackie, has a sheep farm (librarians always seem to have other things going on too!) and we got to see the beginning of her yarn shop, where they will sell their own wool and to meet one of the four-footed darlings who will provide the product. 

As it was bucketing rain, we couldn’t go meet the sheep, but Jackie brought Lucky the Lamb in to meet us. We were the ones feeling very lucky!  I must also mention the lovely old Border Collie sheep dog, Molly, who was still smart and quick with a toy too. 

On our tour, we got to fondle the yarn in various stages. 

 Ann and Robyn got to hand-dye a skein of yarn each and I’ve been told I will be able to on my next visit:  when I return to do some more research for my Camilla MacPhee work-in-progress.  Here are the vegetable dye colors I'll get to choose from.  

The shop wasn’t quite ready to go, but we did get to see yarn in various stages. I wanted it all at all stages.

  I can’t wait to be able to purchase this very chunky wool (feels sooo good!) and make the perfect lap blanket.  I will let you all know when the shop is open for business!

More on the reunion in a future post.  Until then, isn’t it great to have friends?

Please come by and tell us your experiences with lambs, sheep dogs, yarn and other related topics!   Would you love to have a yarn shop?  How about a lamb?  We always love to hear your opinions and stories.

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