Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lord save me from Car shopping.

Duffy Brown here and its time to get a new car. I have a Saturn Vue that is ten years on and one twelve years old so you can see I keep my cars forever...mostly because of two things… they are expensive beyond belief and I hate, hate, hate shopping for a new one. Used? New? Take the bus?

But I have to get a car. I’m going on a few road trips and I’m afraid my old cars will poop out on me at the worse at 2AM when I’m driving home alone in the car. This has happened so I know it can be done!

Okay, back to the new car. I refuse to buy a car that costs as much as my house. You think I’m kidding? Ha! We paid 45K for the nice house I live in now. Granted that was over 40 years ago and times were different but it’s the idea of paying that much that I just cannot do.

So that leaves out the luxury class of cars like Audi and Acura and Lexus etc and brings in the GM group, Ford, Toyota, Honda etc. I’ve read and read and read and now know more about the new cars out there than I ever thought I’d know. I do not spend this kind of hard-earned money without a ton of thought. Maybe I should just get a new bike!

I’ve decided since I’m a woman traveling along all the time I needed a really good Navigation system, AWD (all wheel drive), that blind-spot detector in the side mirror that tells you when there is someone in your blind spot. And I want an SUV.

I know...why does a woman alone need an SUV? Well I have a house and huge yard and am constantly hauling. And I love sitting up high so I can see everything.

And the color is important too. I think I’m going for a dark gray.
This should be a good time to buy as the dealers are closing out the 2016s...least I hope it’s a good time to buy. So this is my tale of angst. Right now I’m leaning toward a Toyota RAV 4. One of my co-workers said she loved hers so I thought I’d give it a go and I do like it.

What about you? Is there some feature in a car you must have? Big cup holders? Navigation package so you don’t get lost? Terrific radio system? And let me know if you like your car or not. I need all the input I can get.

Happy driving. Duffy

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