Sunday, June 5, 2016

Getting to Know Connie Payne

Hi, Connie. Thanks so much for doing the interview. We all love getting to know the people we hang out with. Everyone has a story to tell.

-Where do you live now?  

Independence MO

-Pets? Kids? Hobby? 

 Asking me about my pets, well, you’ll never get me to shut up! :) I have a dog, Molly, and a cat, Fireball aka Fat Cat.  Molly is an Aussie / Black Lab mix and will be ten.  Fireball is an orange tabby and will be sixteen.

There are a couple stray neighborhood cats we take care of, and our neighbor’s cat prefers it at our house in the shelter we built on the porch.

As for kids, I have one of each, both adults.  My daughter is married and her second anniversary is coming up.

I like to read (of course), garden (if there isn’t too much weeding to do), cook and bake.

-Day Job?  

I am an assistant manager at an indie bookstore.  Dog Eared Books in Independence.

-Upcoming plans?  

Nothing big planned.  When we plan anything, sadly all plans have a way of falling through.

-What do you do for fun?

  Hmm, being an introvert doesn’t lend itself to much out of the house fun.  I do enjoy taking Molly to the park.

-Do you travel? Got a fav place?  

We don’t travel a lot, but when we do Disney World is my favorite place to go with my husband.  My BF and I go to reader’s conventions/events as much as we possibly can.

-How did you come to reading mysteries?  

My answer is like many people, Nancy Drew.  Originally though, in my early adult years, I read historical and contemporary romance but got tired of the growing amount of sexual situations and the unrealistic behavior of the heroines in historical romance.  It was ten years ago that I came to the genre of mystery.  If I remember correctly, my first “cozy” was a Sammi Carter’s Candy Apple Dead, and Kate Collins’s Mum’s the Word was second.  I love reading romantic mystery (cozy).

-Do you have a fav mystery show? Movie?  

I’d have to say Murdoch Mysteries.  As for movies, I can’t think of one.  My preferences there lean toward disaster movies or the old classics/westerns.  Maybe I could throw in the Thin Man movies?

-Do you have a fav book that you reread from time to time? 

 Currently I have an unknown number of TBReR books that haven’t gotten reread as of yet.  When I was growing up I would reread.  One of the reasons being there wasn’t near the selection then as now.  The other because I loved them.

-Do you remember the first mystery you read? 

 I think that would have to be Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock.

-Is there a character in a book or movie that you’d like to pal around with?  Oh gosh.  Too many to count.  

Hailey Snow (L. Burdette series)
Abby Knight (K. Collins series)
Reagan Summerside, Evie Bloomfield (D. Brown series)
Emma Lee Raines (T. Kappes series)
Abby Cooper (V. Laurie series)
Jaine Austen (L. Levine series)
Mel Turner (J. Blackwell series)
Darcy Merriweather (H. Blake series)

I could go on and on…

No movies that I can think of, but in TV series the characters of:
Drop Dead Diva
Murdoch Mysteries, especially George Crabtree.  Poor George.

-Tell us anything else about yourself. We all love meeting new friends.

I have a grand-dog-daughter, Toots.  I won’t list all of her other names, you’d think she was royalty with the number of names she has.

My favorite color is purple.

Every time I try to plant an indoor herb garden I fail, and I love cooking with fresh herbs.

Dean Martin makes me (figuratively) swoon!!  I also enjoy Michael Buble, and the songs of the big band era and early 50’s.

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