Wednesday, June 8, 2016

BFFs forever

Hi, Duffy Brown here and talking about friendships. 

Tonight I’m having dinner with a dear friend who I haven’t seen in years. We keep in touch on Facebook...thank heavens for FB. She’s had health issues and a tough time of it lately so it will be great to see her face to face.

I have amazing friends. Many I’ve met online like you all here at the Chicks and probably will never get a chance to meet face to face but there are some who live only a few miles away and we do get together once in a while.

I read this thing that said a friend is someone who when you show up at their door dragging a dead body they say let me get my shovel. That’s friendship. You go to them with your problem and you get help...not a lecture. They are the ones who see you through think and thin and are with you no matter what.

Going on vacation with a best friend is about as much fun as you can have on this planet. You enjoy the same things, always have things to talk about and if things go wrong you are in it together which makes is an adventure and not a problem. 

I have another dear friend since we were four. We grew up together, seen each other through marriage, kids, divorce sicknesses and death of my husband. A whole life together. I can and do tell her everything and she gets it.

I think that’s why I gave Reagan a great friend like her Auntie KiKi, I know how important and special friendships are.

So what about you? Do you have a BFF? Someone you can show up on the doorstep with a dead body and they grab their shovel no questions asked?

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