Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Back in Northern Virginia

by Maggie Sefton

I'm traveling again.  Of course, you readers are not surprised.  :)  June is the month
of the new release KNIT TO BE TIED, which is the 14th in the Kelly Flynn Knitting Mysteries.  

Granddaughter Natale and eldest grandson Joseph, her brother

Plus, I have another very good reason to be traveling now.  My granddaughter Natale (that's the Italian spelling of Natalie, not a misspelled word ) is going to graduate from James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia on Wednesday June 15.  That's located in Northern Virginia in the ever-expanding suburbs of Washington, DC.   So, I'm here enjoying family and friends.  I got to see both family and old friends plus new friends Saturday afternoon/evening at daughter Christine's and s-i-l Tim's pre-graduation party at their home in Vienna, Virginia.  

Lots of fun and delicious food.  All my four daughters are excellent cooks.   My girls grew up watching me enjoy cooking and trying new dishes and experimenting on the family.  Most of the times those "new dishes" were winners.  But there were some duds along the way, too.  That gave the girls great stories to share which they still tell.    

Natale plus her Mom, my eldest daughter,  Christine

So it was natural for the girls to want to cook.  Frankly, after a lifetime of cooking for the family, I was delighted to hand over Chief Cook duties to whichever one of my daughters I was visiting.  It's wonderful to sit and relax, enjoy a drink or a some wine or a craft beer, and watch others work away in the kitchen.  Love it.  How about you folks?  Any of you been treated to meals cooked by your kids?  Siblings?  

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