Thursday, June 16, 2016


 First: we want to announce the winner of  MJ's book, LITTLE BOY BLUES, from last week’s contest.  We were very pleased with the response. Congratulations to our frequent commenter, Cordella Miles. Cordella is the winner of the random draw for the typo contest!  We’ll need your mailing address, Cordella. Can you please send it to us? Email is:  detect at rogers dot com

As for the rest of you, there will be other contests!  

And now on to: A BIG HAIRY DEAL 

Is this a solution to a bad hair day?
We’ve all been there: bad hair day!  It never happens unless there’s something important on, or is that my imagination?  If we are working around the house we don’t worry much and the hair’s usually pretty good. It’s when you put your dancing shoes on or dust off that speech you plan to give to a crowd that the humidity hits a zillion and out comes the frizz. 

On our way to Toronto two weeks ago, Victoria had a fabulous new straight angled bob. She looked like a million.  MJ had managed to blow dry the waves out of her bangs and they looked straight as they were intended to.  We were both sporting quite a lot of hair ‘product’ as they call the various goop to make the hair behave. The six-hour drive on a very hot, very humid day had us arriving late afternoon at a venue with, you got it, NO air-conditioning.  You could practically hear the hair exploding.  Victoria’s went SPROING and looked like a startled hedgehog.  Imagine MJ’s bangs making little squeaking sounds as each separate strand curled in a different and unrelated direction. 


Oh well.  Nobody died.  That’s what we told ourselves as we did our best to enjoy the event and to laugh at ourselves.  Next time, we'll bring a disguise. 


After all, nobody does die of bad hair, even though sometimes we think … But enough of this. We all have our stories.  Come on over and make us laugh or cry with your bad hair day stories or solutions, because we can use a laugh, a good cry or a solution. Or a mantra! That would be good. 

We love you all and we really really  love it when you drop in.

MJ and Victoria

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