Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Still Stuck in Spring

by Maggie Sefton

Next week I'll update everyone on the next Kelly Flynn mystery which will be released in June.  Can you believe it's the 14th Kelly Flynn?

Monday of last week I returned to Fort Collins, Colorado right in the midst of Spring (as I reported last Tuesday).  During this past week, we've been treated to Spring weather we haven't seen in at least four years here.  Instead of an early onset of very warm weather verging on Summer temps, we've returned to what was typical Spring weather here in Northern Colorado----cool temps, sunny some days, and rainy some others.  I'm one of those people who loves warm temps and starts
layering up with cooler ones.  Yesterday we had chilly rain practically all day, so I wore my little winter jacket whenever I went out----also with hood.  Of course, I also saw college students running into the grocery store wearing shorts.  We're supposed to have 80's by the weekend.  That's Springtime in Colorado.    

Last week I posted a photo of my big lilac bushes which were in full bloom.  Well, folks, they're still blooming.  Over the weekend, I cut a whole bunch of small branches which were filled with thick and wonderfully fragrant blossoms and gave bunches to my neighbors on both sides of my house here in Fort Collins.  :)   I believe in sharing those lovely blossoms and spreading that wonderful lilac scent all over.

Of course, I also understand that a great many people look at Springtime which trepidation because of their allergies to all those gorgeous flowerings plants, trees, and bushes.  I've been fortunate my entire life in that I have not experienced any of those allergies, so I stick my nose
down deep in the blossoms and inhale.  I know. . .several of you may be cringing right now.  I have had numerous friends over a lifetime (and do now) who suffer terribly with those Spring allergies.  And this is a season of sneezing and coughing for them.  So, it's not a happy time for those folks.

And, of course, Spring is also a time that all sorts of outside activities begin---outside BBQs, picnics in the park, and of course----watching our children and/or grandchildren play various outside Spring sports.  Wow. . .if I had a nickel for every outside sports team I have watched with either my children or grandchildren or some other family member or friend participating, I would be a rich woman today---as my grandmother used to say.  My dear grandmother (my mother's mother), a good Virginian, was born in 1890, so in her day a nickel could actually buy something.  :)   I don't think that's the case any longer.    Unless you folks know better.  Tell me. . .what can a nickel buy in your neck of the woods?   Also one of my dear grandmother's sayings.  :)  

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