Saturday, May 21, 2016

SPOTLIGHT ON: Truffle and Sweet Marie

Introduced by Mary Jane Maffini

Please meet Truffle and Sweet Marie, the rescued miniature dachshunds from the Charlotte Adams, professional organizer mysteries. Um, they'd like to speak for themselves.

Greetings.  We hope you bring treats.  We are Truffle and Sweet Marie, miniature dachshunds who own Charlotte Adams.  We are what they call a ‘bonded pair’ and we had been abandoned on a median on the highway when Charlotte spotted us. We were very afraid of all the speeding cars and the noise. 
Charlotte was able to figure out how to get us into her car and home to her apartment.  Treats were involved. Charlotte named us for chocolate. Truffle is black and tan and reminds Charlotte of dark chocolate truffles.  Sweet Marie is brown (dachshund people say ‘red’), but brown.  Charlotte called her after a Canadian chocolate bar that she was fond of.  It didn’t take long for us to settle in and help Charlotte improve her life. 

Our author, Mary Jane Maffini, says that we are a lot like her princess dachshunds, Daisy and Lily, but we believe we are unique. 

For one thing, Truffle is a boy and would never have a name like Lily. 

No one from our other home was looking for us.  That was good, because we didn’t want to go back to where we were before.  Ever.  And they were the people who left us on the highway.  We like it here in the second floor apartment of the big yellow house.   We like to sleep on the sofa. And play on the bed.  

 And we like Charlotte’s pillows.

 We’re not sure about the cat downstairs, but you can’t have everything.   

Charlotte is very kind, but doesn’t realize always that we want her to stay with us all the time. She brings us along when she meets her friends, but sometimes she insists on going ‘to work’.  What’s that about?  We are here and needing treats or a drive or a walk or a pat.  We let her know. 

We know that Charlotte is in books and we are trying to figure out how to read them.  It won't be long now!

We do know what's in some of the books. In Organize Your Corpses she took us to work with her.

 We are little (about twelve beautiful pounds each) and we fit in the passenger seat of her Mazda Miata perfectly. We would like to drive it, but that’s apparently not in the cards. 

That time when Charlotte was meeting her client, the very scary retired high school teacher. Helen ‘Hellfire’ Henley, we were able to dash through the door of the big old house with all the mess everywhere and find ….  Well, we’re not supposed to mention what we found because it might ruin the set-up, whatever a set-up is.   We weren’t allowed back ‘to work’ for a while after that.

Another really scary time, in The Cluttered Corpse, we actually saved Charlotte’s life when she was trapped in a very bad, dangerous place surrounded broken … oh right. Another secret. 
We think we would make very good detectives. We have the fedoras!  

 Charlotte isn’t sure. 

But she has been training us to be therapy dogs and we plan to surprise her by doing all the right things at the right time when we are asked to.  We think that will bring lots of treats.  Maybe you think we can’t do it.  May we suggest that you find out in The Busy Woman’s Guide to Murder. 

We are taking hundred dollar bets!  You could pay up in … oops!  Here she comes.  We’re out of here.  

Until the next time!
Big kisses!
Truffle and Sweet Marie

MJ here!  I hope you enjoyed meeting Truffle and Sweet Marie.  I will be without internet on the weekend so won't be able to respond to your comments, but will check them out later.  Hugs to all! 

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