Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Snow-Capped Peaks Still

by Maggie Sefton

This is one of the views surrounding Estes Park, Colorado.  I was lucky to spend the holiday weekend there.

As I'm writing this post it's the early evening of Monday, Memorial Day, May 30th.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day 3-day weekend.  If you wanted to relax in restful surroundings, I hope you did.  And for those of you who wanted action and adventure, I hope you got to engage in action-packed adventures.

As for me, I got a great chance to relax the entire weekend.  One of my old friends and her husband invited me to stay the weekend at their rented condo in Estes Park, Colorado.  It was a perfect weekend for exactly that.  And----it also provided great late Spring weather for the ones who chose adventure.  Believe me, Rocky Mountain National Park (just shy of an hour away from my Fort Collins, Colorado home) provides plenty of opportunities for adventurous activities.

The fast-flowing Fall River flows right through Estes Park and throughout the National Park as well.  In late May and early June, it provides challenging opportunities to canoe as well as whitewater rafting adventures.  All the mountain rivers in Colorado---including the Cache La Poudre River which flows through Fort Collins---run high and fast in late May and all of June.  That is due to the mountain run-off.  That's when the late Spring temps increase enough to melt the snow on our gorgeous Rocky Mountains which surround us.  That melted snow runs down the mountains to our rivers and streams that rise accordingly.  Our mountain climate depends on that spring run-off.

During late May and all of June, canoe and kayak sportsmen/women flock to the mountains to test themselves against those fast, fast waters.  The Cache La Poudre becomes a Class 5 Kayaking river.  That's the hardest level.  For the newcomers, there are many Whitewater canoe and rafting adventures with experienced guides.  I hope some of you have the chance to try some of our mountain adventures. Whether adventuring or relaxing, I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday break.

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