Wednesday, May 4, 2016

More adventures...and Duffy’s DIY

Duffy Brown here deep in spring spruce 2016. I took on revamping two pieces of furniture in my family room, one black and one faux wood grain. Neither expensive so if I screwed it up it wasn’t like I’d destroyed grannies price heirloom.

I used that much ballyhooed Annie Sloan’s chalk paint. I didn’t want a painted look and chalk paint leaves a flat chalk finish. Two pieces matching would look like Duffy got a paintbrush and decided to paint everything in sight so I went with a cocoa and an off white that Annie Sloan calls old white.

You put it on with a paintbrush and that takes a long time, you need two coats so it takes even longer and a top wax that you put on with a rag. I always forget to take a before pic but here’s a pic I found online so you can get an idea of what it looked like before and after.

I distressed the old white and the after looks like Pottery Barn. The other piece I left alone as cocoa so it didn’t look like Duffy went nuts with sandpaper and the cocoa piece has stuff on it so I decided it was busy enough. Those two pieces plus the fireplace I did last week really updated the family room.

I also...with the help of daughter and s-i-l put up crown molding in the kitchen. Before you go and think we are all genius guess again...its Styrofoam, comes precut to miter the corners and you just glue it up. Takes about two hours. Ta Da!
BTW...don’t you love my slogan? 

I also changed all the locks and door handles around here to give the place a fresh look. I was always afraid to do that but since the old stuff looked so grimy I had to take it on. Piece of cake. If you need to change out door handles know no fear!

So now it’s on to the outside and clean, clean, clean. See you next week on what’s going in the garden.

Hugs, Duffy...Martha Stewart...Brown. 

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