Sunday, May 1, 2016

Getting to know you…

Hi Jennifer Doorenbos!! 
Great having you here and thanks for the interview. We all love getting to know each other 

-Where do you live now?
 Tucson, AZ

-Pets? Kids? Hobby? 
I have to sets of twins. The girls are fifteen and fraternal twins. The younger set are 10 and boy/girl.  We have two cats, two dogs, and a box turtle. 

-Day Job? 
I’m a substitute teacher in the school district I grew up in. 

-Upcoming plans? 
Going to a cousin’s wedding and in May seeing my brother get married and maybe a trip to NYC.

-What do you do for fun? 
Read, watch movies. A real treat is going out for lunch with a good book.

-Do you travel? Got a fav place?  Love to travel! 
Last year I traveled to Germany for the first time. While my husband was in business meetings, I took a train from Freising to Salzburg, Austria and did the Sound of Music Tour! My favorite is any place I can snorkel!

-How did you come to reading mysteries?
 In elementary school I read The Westing Game and a couple of Nancy Drews, Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown books. I discovered Agatha Christie and I was really hooked!

-Do you have a fav mystery show? Movie? 
My husband and I enjoy watching Rizzoli and Isles together. I’m still a James Bond fan, so it's always nice to revisit the old Sean Connery and Roger Moore movies.

-Do you have a fav book that you reread from time to time? Victor Villaseñor’s Rain of Gold.

-Do you remember the first mystery you read? 
The Westing Game

-Is there a character in a book or movie that you’d like to pal around with? 
Too many to list here! Actually, it’s fun chatting with the authors and learning about how you write, research, etc but also about your lives in general, your experiences and travels.

-Tell us anything else about yourself. We all love meeting new friends.
In addition to chauffeuring the kids around to their activities, I've just started my Master's in English program.  

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