Thursday, May 19, 2016

A surprise in the backyard

You probably know that I love flowers and many of you readers share in the joy of them too.  So you’ll appreciate my excitement when I discovered this little patch of trillium thriving in a neglected part of the back garden. 

 As they mature, their petals will turn a lovely shade of pink.   Last year there were a few and this year it was a bonanza.  They seem to do well with rocks and shade.  Who knew?

The trillium is the official flower of our Province of Ontario and quite symbolic around these parts. I love the look of the three petal flower and the delicate leaves and felt that finding them was a bit of good luck for spring.  As a child I remember the excitement of finding mayflowers, the official flower of Nova Scotia.  I’m here now on a trip and I’m keeping my eyes open for the elusive little petals.  Will report any successes to you all!
Is your state or provincial flower something that’s important to you?  Are you sentimental about it?   Can you drop in and tell us what your ‘official’ flower is?  I’d love to find out! 

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