Monday, April 11, 2016


by Mary Kennedy                            
Have you ever received a gift that was a complete surprise, was exactly what you always wanted, and was so thoughtful and kind that it brought you to tears? (Happy tears!)
I received a gift like this from my dear friend and fellow animal lover, Lynda Turpin. Lynda lives across the country in sunny California and we e-mail frequently about animal issues, promoting animal welfare any way we can.  We're especially fond of cats, of course, but we love all animals.
I live 3,000 miles away in the chilly northeast (it actually snowed over the weekend) and we've never met. (Although I feel certain that some day we will.)
Lynda is a proud supporter of LapCats, a wonderful organization  They're celebrating their 11th anniversary and have rescued, fostered and found homes for over 3,000 cats in the Sacramento area. You can read more about their mission here.
Lynda is a volunteer and she gives an amazing amount of time and energy to fostering, socializing and rehabilitating these adorable furbabies. Since Lapcats is 100% volunteer organization, they need dedicated people like Lynda to continue their work.
But now on to the gift! Here it is, my gift from Lynda--paintings of all 8 of my fur-babies!
Lynda captured their beauty and their quirky little personalities.  From Henry, the orange cat looking through the bannister, to sweet Eliza, the little tuxedo cat who had five kittens on my sun porch, Lynda immortalized them on canvas.
She's more than a talented artist, she's a generous friend, a creative soul who loves cats and cozies. I am in awe of her talents and I know you are too!
Mary Kennedy

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