Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Springtime Visit Back Home

by Maggie Sefton

One of the lovely Azalea bushes which bloom every Spring at what I call the River House back in the Metro DC area and environs.  

By now all of you folks know that my original "hometown" area is Northern Virginia in the DC Metro Area.  I grew up in Arlington, Virginia, literally a "stone's throw" across the Potomac from Washington, DC.  Well, I'm baaaaaaaack!

Yes, I was up early in Fort Collins, CO Monday morning and drove off to a park 'n ride lot where I caught the airport shuttle to Denver International Airport.  A nonstop flight took me right to Dulles
International Airport where I arrived to sunny skies and beautiful Spring weather----exactly like what I left in Denver.  :)

Wisteria blooming on the back yard arbor at my friend Nancy's lovely home in Vienna, Virginia. Nancy and Diane are  the "sister friends" I grew up with in Arlington, VA.

After a quick car rental and drive into Vienna, Virginia, I headed right for the old favorite shopping center in downtown Vienna.  That's where I stopped in one of the "special" Alcoholic Beverage Control stores in the shopping center, I picked a smooth aged Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey which would be perfect "Sippin' Whiskey."  :)  You see, I am staying with my old childhood friends and also brought them some Special Recipe Caramels.  So, why not sip an aged
Kentucky Sipping Whiskey while sampling the rich creamy Caramels?

My apologies to those of you folks who are TeeTotalers or Abstainers.  Some of us are a bit more….ah,  decadent, shall we say?     You folks can substitute a rich Eggnog to sip with your caramels.  :)  Whichever beverage you choose, may you enjoy the moment.  :)   

More azaleas at the River house last spring

As for the above reference to the "ABC" store --- Alcoholic Beverage Control  ---- Virginia is one of those states that exercises extra "controls" on the sale of what's called "hard" liquors.  They cannot be sold separately in liquor stores along with wines and beers and other "hard" liquors like Vodka and Rum.  In Colorado, our liquor stores do exactly that----they sell beers and wines plus Vodka, Rum, and a great variety of Whiskey.   How does your state handle sales of alcoholic beverages?    

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