Thursday, April 14, 2016

So, are you a lark or an owl?

We have friends who (we imagine) rise singing from their beds just before the sun comes up.  We do not. Morning does not come early or easy for us.  

We are not up with the birds, but we are pals with the owls. 

 So in the A.M. do not ask us tough questions. Do not ask us any questions.  Have the coffee ready if you’re feeling kind. It’s a matter of some urgency.  

It doesn’t matter what we’ve had to drink or eat the night before, or whether or not we’ve had enough sleep (although we’d better have eight hours to avoid trouble).  There’s no relationship to ,whether we’re happily vacationing or under the gun with a deadline, the morning is going to be a slow start.  Nothing will happen before eight. 

There’s plenty to do in this biz: morning, afternoon and evening and we do keep going.  As the day wears on, we get livelier. 

On the other hand, now that dinner’s over with, we’re getting into high gear.  The evening is a highly productive and creative time.  Three times more gets accomplished between 7 and 9 p.m. than in any other portion of the day. Sometimes nine stretches to ten.  We admit to often settling down to relax with a little TV around nine.  Then a bit more work before retiring to read in bed.  In the warm weather, MJ will sneak out on the deck to watch the stars and relax in the magical summer night before starting that reading session.  Reading in bed is the one thing we can’t ever give up.  And when a book takes your fancy, well, where did midnight get to?

MJ's friend Marilyn gave her this pillowcase: we think it says it all!

In the middle of the night, many of our best ideas come tiptoeing in or tricky plot problems solve themselves.  Maybe that's owl power?  

Then it's back to sleep again.

And then it starts all over again.  Sure we miss some of those morning things, but not that much. You can always have brunch instead of breakfast. 

We love being owls. It makes us happy. We've managed to produce five book collector mysteries (The Hammett Hex is available for pre-order) as well as MJ's thirteen books as Mary Jane Maffini (coincidentally, her real name). Would we have a hundred if only we got up at five thirty every morning. We'll never know.

But enough about us. What about you?  Lark or owl?  Anyone want to weigh in?  Who? Who? Whooo???

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