Saturday, April 23, 2016


By Mary Kennedy                
Hi everyone! Taylor Blake from the Dream Club Mysteries here. (I'm the sensible sister who holds an MBA, Ali is the flighty, creative one!)

Okay, true confession time. At first I was skeptical about my sister Ali’s enthusiasm for dream interpretation. After all, I'm the analytical type, always cool and rational. Ali is more impulsive, emotional and willing to explore new ideas. I came to Savannah to help save her vintage candy store, not get involved with New Age hocus-pocus! (or so I thought.)

A lot of people ask me if the Dream Club members really solve crimes. And if so, how do we do it?  I can understand their skepticism. After all, I was a non-believer too. Here's the straight scoop.                                                     

 We look for clues in their dreams that relate to murders happening in Savannah. Sometimes the clue is hard to find. It might be symbolic and elusive. Often, it involves a clue that the police didn’t notice. It could be a hint about a suspect’s character, a chance comment, a suspicious element found at the crime scene.

 In A PREMONITION OF MURDER, Abigail Marchand, a wealthy Southern recluse, has a disturbing dream about her own death. A premonition, you might say. She invites her good friends the Harper sisters over for lunch at her estate along with the two of us. Abigail tells us about her dream and all of us immediately try to put her mind at rest. 

A dream can mean many things, we tell her.  Images of darkness and water closing over her are certainly troubling, but there may not portend death. Sadly, Abigail’s premonition comes true the very next day when she's found dead at the foot of the stairs in her mansion.

This is the third release in the Dream Club Mysteries. Along with the Savannah setting, the series features a fun, retro candy shop called Oldies But Goodies. My sister and I run the shop, which includes a café and we love trying out new recipes to serve at Dream Club meetings. Stop by and match wits with the Dream Club as you find yourself wrapped up in murder, Southern style.

And tell me about your dreams, I'd love to hear them!!

Happy reading and sweet dreams from Mary Kennedy

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