Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy birthday to Daisy the Princess Dachshund!

Please join me Mary Jane Maffini aka Victoria Abbott in wishing Miss Daisy Maffini:

Happy Thirteenth Birthday!

Daisy at Four Months - ready to take on the world!

Daisy, who now has a little frosted face, has had quite a good career as a princess dachshund.  

Aside from being a model for some nifty outfits and liking her pearls, Daisy has also

Pearls are always right.
logged many days as an efficient doorbell system, terrifying the UPS and Fedex guys and many a repairman.  For all that she’s thirteen pounds, she can still manage to sound like an enraged Rottweiler. Just last week, she frightened a salesman into racing in a diagonal across the front yard to safety.  On the upside, she loves to see kids arrive and will even get dressed for Halloween. 

With luck, those kids will drop some candy in the right spot.

You may laugh, but back in the day, Daisy surprised a robber who had thrown a rock through our neighbor’s patio door.  From our second floor deck, she barked so loudly, that the young burglar fled in terror.  The robbery was thwarted, nothing was stolen and according to one friend ‘Daisy saved the neighborhood’.

Daisy suffered a ruptured disc when she was about five years old and required a complex neurosurgery to repair her spine.  She bounced back to have many good and happy years.

Daisy was the model for Sweet Marie, one of two rescued mini-dachshunds in mom’s Charlotte Adams mysteries, starting with kicking up a racket in Organize Your Corpses.  In the fictional series, “Sweet Marie” and her partner-in-crime, Truffle (looks a bit like Lily), become Therapy Dogs in The Busy Woman’s Guide to Murder.

But in reality, Daisy became a successful and effective therapy dog along with her sister Lily.  
Daisy and Lily proud therapy dogs.

By some miracle she managed not to bark during the exhaustive testing to earn her therapy dog scarf and badge. For a number of years until her retirement, Daisy had many happy visits to two different dementia wards where she brought many tears of joy to residents, staff and mom. She is still always very happy to meet a person in a wheelchair or a hospital bed and loves to visit her ‘Nonna’ in the nursing home.

Her current hobbies are napping on the sofa, napping on mom’s pillow

I'm getting away with it!
 napping in dad’s recliner and napping in the bed under mom’s desk and napping in a stripe of sunshine anywhere. To break the pattern, she enjoys a trip to the dog park, but only when there's no snow or rain. 

This park belongs to me!
 She also maintains a lively interest in squirrels, when awake, and in finding food sources where people might think that food was safe from her. (Note to self: move the chairs a bit further away). She is sure that some day, she will find the secret to opening a can of food. Then, we'll see who rules the kitchen.

Someday it will all be mine!

Daisy’s other goal is to ‘take down’ Rocco, the king Doberman who lives on the other side of the paper-thin wooden fence next door. She is always thrilled to hear that Rocco is outside and can be barked at. Daisy is never the one to stop trash-talking first. 

She is hard of hearing and can’t see too well and has a bit of arthritis and a few other ailments, but she’s still a happy little pooch who greets every day with enthusiasm and a wagging tail, an inspiration to the rest of us.

Please join me in wishing her many more years of being a wicked little doxie! Now excuse me while I go giftwrap some dog treats!

Don't forget to come by and tell me about your beloved pets!  We love to hear about you and yours.

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