Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Guys and Gals

Mystery books come in all shapes in sizes when talking about characters. 

Some of the best sleuths are guys. Sherlock, the Hardy Boys, Spade, Poirot, Magnum. They bring a certain charm and grit to the story. They can be tough and no nonsense and maybe tender and understanding. Usually they are at the local watering hole downing whiskey and shooting pool. They drive a fast car or motorcycle and always tooling around at breakneck speeds. They can charm the ladies to get their answers or beat it out of a bad guy to find out what’s going on.

Then there are the female sleuths. We have Miss Marple, Jessica Fletcher, Kate Becket, Nancy Drew and of course Reagan Summerside and Evie Bloomfield. They are charming and they can be tough but never brutal. Instead of the local watering hole then do tea in the kitchen or martinis on the front porch. 

What they lack in physical strength then make up for in sheer tenacity and never-give-upness.
So my question to you is which sleuth do you prefer…guy or gal? Do you like someone a little harder edged? More whiskey than tea? 

And what about the sidekick? Would you like them the same gender like with Watson and Holmes or do you like to mix it up a bit like in
Castle with Becket and Richard Castle?

The mystery is the mystery but who do you like telling the story?

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