Sunday, April 17, 2016

Getting to Know You…

Hi, Rebecca. Thanks for doing the interview. We all love meeting new people. 

 I go by Becca

*Where do you live now:
 East TN

I have an orange and white tabby named Hocus Pocus, I call him Hocus for short. He was a stray and only 7 weeks when my sister called and asked if I would take him in that was back in October. No children that are alive. I lost a baby a year ago. It was my first pregnancy. Though we did not make it full term, River will always be my first born 

Hobbies include painting, writing, playing the violin (though I am terrible, hahaha) and I’m trying to get back into hiking, and of course reading!

Day Job: 
I have been a licensed massage therapist for over 10 years. I'm currently looking into getting my Mortuary Science degree.
*Upcoming plans: Girls night Friday with my sister and 7 yr old niece!

*What do you do for fun:
 Hike, read, play miniature golf, go to the movies, go to bookstores

*Do you travel/fav place: I travel when I can. 
Went to Oregon last year and I lived it! I'm a mountain girl at heart and would love to visit Washington and Colorado. Went to France and Ireland and both were amazing.

*How did you come to reading mysteries: 
I've always been an avid reader, but went through a rough time and didn't pick up a book in almost a year. Things got worse and I ended up in our town's used bookstore. They have a section of suggested books, and when I looked through them I found several books I would later learn were 'cozy mysteries'. I immediately fell in love with the genre and reading again. 

*Do you have a fave mystery show?movie: 
Sherlock! Hahaha! My sister got me hooked on it!

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