Friday, April 29, 2016

Getting to kno you…

Hi Patty Ward. Thanks for doing the interview. Always fun meeting new people. 

-Where do you live now? 
Glen St Mary, Florida (originally from New Jersey)

-Pets? Kids? Hobby?
 2 fur babies – a Basset Hound and a dachshund. No kids. Hobbies are reading, cross stitching, crocheting and knitting.

-Day Job? 
Retired now. Use to work as a manager for a restaurant for 24 years.

-Upcoming plans? 
I am starting a cross stitch project from heaven and earth designs that will be keeping me busy for a while.

-What do you do for fun?
 I love to play video games. Sitting outside watching the birds. I use to enjoy walking on the beach but I am not able to it anymore.

-Do you travel? Got a fav place? 
Don't travel much lately. But do enjoy a day trip to St. Augustine, Fl. I love to try and visualize what the place was like back in the day.

-How did you come to reading mysteries? 
The start of my reading cozy mystery's is by way of my hobby of knitting. I started reading a book called Knit One, Kill Two because it had a knitting theme. And I have enjoy reading mysteries since. I enjoy them because of the "mystery", I like trying to figure them out. Give me a good mystery over a romance book anytime.

-Do you have a fav mystery show? Movie? 
I love watching British mysteries on PBS and Acorn TV. For movies I love the old Margret Rutherford’s Miss Marple.

-Do you have a fav book that you reread from time to time? A Christmas Carol.

-Do you remember the first mystery you read? I remember reading Nancy Drew books when I was a kid. I love the day when the order from Scholastic books came in.

-Is there a character in a book or movie that you’d like to pal around with? This is a hard one to say. There are a few books and movies where I sometimes just close my eyes and wish myself into them.

-Tell us anything else about yourself. We all love meeting new friends. Most people don't know this about me. I am a avid player and fan of World of Warcraft. We get together on raid nights and have fun. Where else would you be able to meet and talk to people from all around the world. I think of myself as the “grandma” of the Horde guild. And the Alliance guild are people who knit and crochet from Ravelry.  I love watching old movies and finding old novels to read. I love making cream puffs (and eating them). I love Basset hounds and dachshunds and would love to get another Basset puppy.  I'm an Anglophile hence the British mysteries. I would love to visit Ireland (my grandmother's home) and maybe Germany where my Mom was from. With this electronic age I miss the old fashion writing to friends. People are so busy letting life go by they don't take the time to enjoy it and share with family and friends.

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