Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Festivals and Crash-landings

Hi, Duffy Brown here.

This is release week for Braking for Bodies. It’s set during the Lilac Festival on Mackinac Island. Because the island is a throwback to days gone by there are tons of festivals on the island along with parades and everyone gets involved.

There’s the Fudge Festival of course. What else would you expect on an island that sells ten tons...yes tons...of fudge a year.

There’s the horse festival as horses are how things get done on an island with no cars. Horses do everything...deliveries, taxi service, haul wood and construction stuff, get the picture. The horses deserve a festival!

There’s the jazz festival that takes place at the lovely Grand Hotel and the bike festival where there’s a huge parade and everyone decorates their bike. Bikes are the main mode of people transport and sometimes that works out better than other as we see here as what happens to Evie in BFB...

Brakes! Holy cow brakes! I jammed the peddles in reverse, front tire skidding, back tire fishtailing the momentum carrying me forward. I flipped over the handlebars and I landed with a solid oomph on top of the bag with my bike tumbling onto my back, a pedal wedged where no peddle had any right to be. I lay there for a second in the dark my tongue counting teeth, the little bones in my spine realigning.
Landing on garbage was not a high point in my day but the squishiness kept me from looking like skinned road-kill. It smelled like salad...Italian? Personally I think it needed more oregano. I blinked open one eye and then the other and stared at the Peepster, his face inches from mine. His eyes were open too but they weren’t staring back at me. They weren’t anything. They were cold, vacant and dead. Dead? No! I blinked a few times and refocused. The Peepster had a deep gash across his forehead and there was blood. Yes, dead!

But I digress, we’re talking festivals not bike crashes. So the point is do you have any Spring Festivals coming up in your neck of the woods? Do you have a Lilac Festival? Tulip Festival? Spring Fling get-together. 

If you do I wish you better luck than what Evie had here. Hugs, Duffy 

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