Thursday, April 28, 2016

A soleful conversation (aka it's all about the shoes)

By Victoria Abbott aka Mary Jane and Victoria Maffini

You know we love hats, but we also love shoes.  It must be in the genes, because Victoria and MJ both have a weakness for footwear of all types.

MJ’s heels are lower than they used to be, but she’s still committed to them for certain. 

True story from MJ: ‘back in the day’ when pointy-toes stilettos were first in vogue, I had a snazzy pair of four-inch heels in navy blue. As a person who was five-feet tall on a good day, they worked for me. I felt fabulous in them.  One night, I got separated from my friends and ended up walking a mile and a half home late at night. I was followed and then chased by a guy in a black pick-up truck for blocks, past the deserted park, past the empty railway tracks, diagonally across the lawn of the Anglican (Episcopal) church and past the church hall.

The truck followed me right across the church lawn!  I barely made it the two more houses until my home which, because it was the good old days, was not locked. I got in the door, slid gasping to the floor with my heart hammering and, through the glass in the door, I watched the truck speed off.

Only then did I take off my shoes.  The moral of this story is: I will not give up heels for anything.  And yes, aside from the shoes, I’ve used those emotions and physical reactions in my writing. Hammering hearts are a real thing!  So is gasping for breath.  This also showed me two other things:  safe places are not always safe: the park, the church AND you don’t know what you can do until you have to.   Many of my shoes are very old, but I sure wish I still had those four-inch heels to look at!
True confession:  my heels are getting lower (thank you kitten heels) and sandals and slippers are my great friends in the day. And Victoria and I both fell for the comfy red boots below.  But I still like to get dressed up. That's why I picked the teal suede heels above.
Victoria, being younger as daughters tend to be, has plenty of time to wear heels but she loves boots and sneakers and … well everything.   

Victoria's new favorite shoes: lacy leather sneakers - sooo comfy

Victoria also has a story to share too: some years ago, she had a foot injury (the horror!) and had to see the doctor.  Here's Victoria: "The doctor said that I would have to wear open topped shoes until my foot healed.  I pointed to the shoes I’d worn and asked, ‘Oh, like my Mary Janes?’. He gave me the strangest look, then slowly asked me if I named all my shoes.

Well, why  not?

We’ve put in some of our faves like this one from a book launch (where we don’t always get to the end of the event before we’ve slipped out of them!  

Victoria and MJ at the launch for The Marsh Madness

Come on over and talk shoes.  Put up your feet!  Are you heels or no heels?  Do you have any funny stories? Are you a shoe lover or couldn’t you care less?  We love to hear from you!

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