Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What’s in your Easter Basket?

Duffy Brown here talking about the yummy side of Easter. There is the traditional lamb for dinner or ham and cocoanut cake for desert but what about the Easter basket? Easter is not Easter...least in my house...without the traditional Easter basket.

Yeah, I know it’s for the kids but I got to confess that I sneak  my share. There is my absolute fave...the Peeps! I just love those things. Maybe it’s the colors of pink, blue, yellow, purple or the shapes of bunnies and chicks that make them so tempting. I like mine
stale. I leave them out for a few days and till they get hard. Best way to eat Peeps.

There is a side story to this. I left one out for six months. Atually I found it after six months on the windowsill from an Easter egg hunt...this sure puts my cleaning skills in question. So being me I had to eat the Peep. Do not do this! I dislocated my jaw. There are stale Peeps then really stale Peeps.

But I digress. Other yummy candy is the jellybeans. I love the black ones. Those chocolate covered marshmallow eggs are amazing. Take a bite and the chocolate cracks and your teeth sink into the soft marshmallow. Nothing more delish than that.

Than there’s the Cadbury eggs. Easter is not Easter without these. What about the chocolate bunnies shapes? Not my fave but it’s chocolate so no argument here.

What about you? What’s in your Easter Basket? Got a fave candy that just sort of jumps in your mouth when making the baskets for the kids?  

I’ll give away two Braking for Bodies totes from the answers. Winners announced tomorrow. 

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