Monday, March 14, 2016

Ten MORE Things I've Learned From My Cats

by Mary Kennedy
So many people enjoyed my original post on "Ten Things I've Learned from my Cats," I thought it was time to do a new one.
1. Always help out in the kitchen when you can. You know what they say, "Many hands (er, paws) make light work."
2. Expand your horizons and try to learn something different every day.
3. Try to enjoy nature every day, even it's from a screened-in catio.
4. You can find friendship in strange places. Don't reject someone because he or she looks different.
5. There's a clown in every family...try to keep your dignity. Eventually, he'll grow up.
6. Everybody need a hug now and then.
7. There's nothing like a massage at the end of a stressful day.
8. It's good to talk over your problems with a trusted friend.
9. Sometimes things aren't what they seem.
10. Expect good behavior from little ones and they won't let you down. This kitten is getting last minute instructions from mamma about how to behave on a play date.

Hope you enjoyed these life lessons!
Mary Kennedy

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