Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sheep Tales

by Maggie Sefton

This is the adorable baby lamb that visited Lambspun a few years ago on a busy Saturday.  What a doll.    Notice the diaper.    

I was clicking through some of my photo files and other downloads that were stored on my laptop, and I was surprised how many photos I had of sheep.  :)  I guess that's not too surprising considering I write a mystery series that involves knitting and yummy wools and other fibers.  But as I scrolled through those photos, memories returned.   I thought
I'd share a few of them with you folks today.  

This photo  was taken in England when I traveled there in December 2004 before the very first Kelly Flynn mystery was published in June 2005.  I had just finished writing the 2nd in the series, NEEDLED TO DEATH.  


These beauties belong to a talented knitter, Jill, who's also a part-owner of a nearby sheep farm where they specialize in raising Navajo Churros sheep.  They have the curly wool.

That's Shirley in the middle.

This little lamb became a family pet because its  mother died after it was born, so the sheep owner bottle-fed the little one.   I couldn't resist adding this little lamb to a Kelly Flynn mystery as a foil for Kelly's Rottie Carl.   Drove Carl crazy.  He had to lie in his "Down" position beside Kelly at the shop while Little Lamb wandered about going "Baaaaaaaa!"  :)

Here's another handsome specimen from Jill's Navajo Churros flock.  If you like to see photos of new lambs and all kinds of sheep, stop by the Lambspun shop every Tuesday night when the Knitting Table stays late from 6:00pm until 8:00pm.  Jill's there usually from 6:00 to 7:00pm, so you can talk "sheep" as well as watch her use the old-fashioned drop spindle.  We have lots of talented folk around the table.  You can meet the real-life owner, Shirley, too.  :)    


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