Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Movie Time

by Maggie Sefton

It's been a while since I posted about movies I've recently seen, so I thought I'd mention three favorites from these last two months. The first movie is BRIDGE OF SPIES, the Tom Hanks powerful true-to-life depiction of a talented New York attorney who volunteered to be the Defense lawyer for the Soviet spy that Americans caught and imprisoned and tried in a very high-profile espionage trial.  This movie also shows that volatile period in American and Soviet Russia relations when the Berlin wall was first built. It's a powerful cinematic statement.

The next movie is also a true-to-life depiction of fairly recent events in  13 HOURS:  THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI.  Believe me, this movie is riveting.  You won't leave your seat for popcorn, drinks, or a bathroom break.  It is not political at all, and politicians names are not mentioned.  But the people who were there and participated in those awful events of that day felt strongly enough to write a book and then get a movie made.  Powerful, as I said.

The 3rd movie is one I saw last night, and it is totally fictional----thank goodness.  :)  But it is equally riveting.    It's the action adventure movie  LONDON HAS FALLEN.   Believe me, it is non-stop action.  So it definitely delivers on the action front.  It's based on the premise that Bad Guys have a plan to gain access to several world leaders when they gather in London for the unexpected death and funeral of the British Prime Minister.   They murder those leaders which is bad enough, but their main plan is to capture the American President and execute him on live television.  Extremely well-done and thoroughly enjoyable, especially if you enjoy Action/Adventure movies which I do.  :)  

What movies have you seen lately that you've liked?  Share with us.    

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