Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Little White Lies...

Evie Bloomfield here from Braking for Bodies, book two in the Cycle Path mystery series.

It’s the Lilac Festival and thing should be fantastic, right. We got a ton of tourists, the lilacs are in full bloom the whole island smells terrific and everyone is making more. But we got a little problem. There’s this guy who’s come here all the way from LA and now he’s...dead!

 “What’s going on?” A guy called down from the porch of the Grand Hotel right above us. “Is somebody there? Did somebody fall?”
Sutter and I exchanged uh oh looks and a woman on the porch squealed. “Ohmygoodness! It’s a body! This is fantastic! I know what this is. It’s one of those murder mystery weekends right here at the Grand Hotel. The victim’s right there, I can see him all sprawled out on the ground. Oh this is so much fun.”
“Look, lady,” Sutter shot back. “This is no mystery weekend party this is a real crime scene here.”
“Of course it is,” she squealed again. “You all are great actors, this is amazing. What a fantastic surprise right here on Mackinac Island.”

Yep, that’s right I’m playing right along with this guest at the Grand Hotel and passing the whole thing off as a mystery weekend. Nate...the local chief of not on board with this at all as he says it will totally screw up his crime scene. Well, that’s too bad. If the tourists get wind that this is a real dead body and there’s a killer on the loose they will all stampede for the ferry docks and the whole island will go broke!

We can’t have that now can me so the idea of a mystery weekend and a fake dead body seems like a really good idea to me. Don’t you think so? 

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