Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It’s Wonder Woman Wednesday!!!!!

Duffy Brown here and once a month I’m declaring 

Wonder Woman Wednesday!

Because you all are wonder women (and men). And to celebrate this great day I want you to tell something that makes your wonderful! Because you are and I love my readers to death and want everyone to know how terrific you are.

Here’s how I’m wonderful. Drum roll please... I finished my taxes!! Lord be praised!! Granted this may seem like duck-soup to many of you but for me it is complete torture.

I get the first, address, and to sex I just put NONE so that part’s easy. But from there on it’s a mystery and not the good kind. I hire a guy to fill in all these blanks but I still have to get the stuff together and I now I did it...I hope.

I’m sure you’ve done something very wonderful too. Made dinner? Cleaned out the closet? Didn’t sell you kid to the gypsies when he/she so deserved it. (Been there, nearly done that on more than on occasion.)

In Braking for Bodies coming out 
April 5, Evie Bloomfield is a Wonder Woman in that her BFF, Fiona, is accused of knocking off Peephole Perry (he so deserves it) a rag reporter from LA who Fiona once worked for. Evie should have the Wonder Woman title for sure.

So now it’s your turn. Tell me about your inner Wonder Woman here today and/or over at the Cozy Chicks Group on Face Book tomorrow and I’ll give away this adorable WW apron from the responses.

Hugs to all you amazing Wonder Women out there

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