Monday, March 7, 2016


By Mary Kennedy                  
I came across this quote last night as I was sorting through some Florida photos. This is the first year we haven't done our usual stay at the Ft. Lauderdale condo, and I was feeling a big nostalgic.
If we knew that tonight we were going to go blind, we would take a longing, last real look at every blade of grass, every cloud formation, every speck of dust, every rainbow, raindrop—everything.  Pema Chödrön
How true! I thought. We would look at every blue sky, every sunset differently--the sand, the ocean, the clouds, every single thing would take on new meaning.
The swaying palms...
The glittery pink of the ocean at sunset...
Even something as mundane as a rowboat would capture our attention and deserve a closer look.
The clouds in the sky would suddenly become fascinating and a rainbow would take on new meaning.
We would draw it all in, knowing that one last look would have to last a lifetime.  I used to watch the ocean for hours from the balcony pictured below--I love the quiet, nearly deserted stretch of beach, the peace, the tranquility. 
Do you have images of a special place that you want to hold on to forever?
I know I do...
Mary Kennedy

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