Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bring on the chickens!

My professional organizing character, Charlotte Adams, who taught me a lot, was always recommending rotating collections.  Not only does it reduce clutter, but you can really enjoy that collection when it’s time to put it on show.  

All to say, with the arrival of Easter, it is time to pick up a blooming hydrangea

 and then to cart out my army of chickens and fill them with chocolate eggs!  

As you can see this little collection is quite focused.

Although they are mostly hens with the odd duck, swan and turkey, they're known as 'the chickens' around here.  I can’t really explain the rabbit, but he must come out every year.

It all started with this glossy pink hen that belonged to my mother.

 I always loved it and the clear glass turkey that appeared every Thanksgiving and Christmas. They remind me of my mother and of family celebrations.  Over the years, I’ve found others at antique fairs and second hand shops.  Victoria has given me several as gifts.  I treasure them and am always thrilled to let them out for their springtime parade around the house.  As you can see, we've diversified into chicken pitchers as well. They were picked up in a sale in a country chuch in England in the spring of 1996.  They do like to make an appearance and remind me of that year in the green and leafy U.K.

This chat has reminded me that it’s time to stock up on those chocolate eggs that all the kids and this adult really love.  Part of the fun is lifting the lid off the chicken to find the chocolate treats.

What about you? Do you have any collections that you keep for spring, Easter or other special celebrations?   Do any of you have a thing for chickens?  Come on by and let us know.

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