Thursday, February 25, 2016

That thing about horoscopes


I love horoscopes. I like to read a couple of them every day (all for Pisces, nothing fishy about that) and then pick the best one.  I only believe in the best ones. If they’re mucking about in Mercury retrograde talk, then I don’t believe in them at all.  

My favorite horoscopes are from Georgia Nichols and she often tells me that this would be a good day to buy shoes.  However today she said that I should ‘start by finding the floor of your bedroom closet’. I am devastated!

Other choices today, snippets from different astrologers, include this worrying warning:  … if you make accusations you cannot prove, you may regret it.

Better:  If you’re tired, call it an early night.  

Lots of good choices, but no shoe buying or going out to lunch with friends.  For the record,  I’ll clean up the closet floor (Come on! They’re only slippers!) and I will refrain from making accusations I can’t prove.  This is reasonable advice any time.  

We were hoping to find out how The Hammett Hex will do, but that's waaaay too specific. Oh well.

But the point is, Victoria Abbott is still confused. We’ll have to wait for a better crop.
What about you? Do you love horoscopes or hate ‘em?  Have any faves? Let us know!

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