Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Oh the messes we get into…

Geared For the Grave (eBook)
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Where biking takes a deadly turn

Shakedowns cover-ups and big fat lies keep bodies hidden on Mackinac Island and bike-riding tourist oblivious to it all.

We don’t always get to live where we want. Southern Belles wind up in New Jersey, New Yorkers get transplanted to L.A., Texans wind up someplace other than Texas. This is not fun!

      It’s finding out all over again where to shop? A good dentist and doctor? And the biggest headache of all...find a new beautician!

So why do people move when they are perfectly content with where they are? Most of the time it’s the job.

     In the Cycle Path mysteries, that is Evie Bloomfield’s plight.

Evie is in desperate need of bragging rights for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Her over-achieving brother and sister and even her parents do it right all the time while Evie’s stuck on the bottom rung of a design job in Chicago. She seriously needs a raise and a promotion.

To get her boss’ attention Evie does what we all would do...suck up to the boss. She volunteers to leave Chicagoland, the home of great pizza, great shopping, great public transportation to help her boss’ dad who owns a bike shop on Mackinac Island...wherever that is.

     Evie gets seasick on the ferry ride to the island, cannot find a taxi to get her to the bike shop...what in the heck are all these horses doing here...and where’s Macy’s so she can buy the PJs she forgot to pack?

     There are no cars on Mackinac Island. There are five-hundred horses, a ton of bikes, even more tourists and fudge shops and as for shopping try Doud’s Market on Main Street. Evie is completely out of her element. Geared for the Grave and Braking for Bodies are for sure a murder mystery so not only does Evie have to contend with the usual things of moving, she gets roped into finding a killer.

     So what about you? Hopefully you’ve never gone hunting for a murderer but have you moved? Did you wind up in someplace you never thought you’d be? What was the hardest part? Did it work out or are you ready to pack up and move home!

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