Sunday, February 7, 2016

Getting To Know You…

Hi, BreAnna Herron

Thanks for doing the interview. It’s fun getting to know people online who we chat with so often.
Tell us a little about yourself…

-Where do you live now? 

We currently live in Green River, WY. Names are deceiving though as we have about a two week green season. 

-Where were you born? 

Born and raised in Montana. If you haven’t been to the Bitterroot Valley, it's the town where cozy is a word that comes to mind. 

-Pets? Kids? Hobby?

 Pets, more like a zoo. We currently rehabilitate feral cats and help them find forever homes. We have little dogs and a large dog. But as my 19 month old Daughter (Valentina) calls them "puppies" we will stick to that. We also have horses and I have shown American Quarter Horses since the age of 7! 

-What do you do for fun? 

Read, play with my daughter, Ride horses. 

-Do you travel? 

Got a fav place? We do travel as Valentina's daddy and my fiancé is currently in school in San Antonio. That is our favorite place since we get to see him. 

-How did you come to reading mysteries? 

When I was pregnant I need to be able to read something slightly light hearted but also had the suspense and who done it. Cozies were perfect! 

-Do you have a fav mystery show? Movie? 

I love Sherlock Holmes and Murder She Wrote! 

-Do you have a fav book that you reread from time to time? My favorite is a classic- Pride and Prejudice. 

-Do you remember the first mystery your read? 

It was the first in the Laura Bradford series "Hearse and Buggy". Boy did it get me sucked in! Now I read any cozy I can get my hands on. 

-Is there a character in a book or movie that you wish you could pal around with? 

I wish I could be a pal to all the characters I read. The series and books are so well written that all the leading ladies appeal to me as a book. 

I am currently finishing my B.S. In History and plan for a masters this fall. I love reading and escaping to the worlds that the cozy authors create. 

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