Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What’s January Good for…

by Duffy Brown

I wish I could think of something to save this month from being totally rotten. It’s always been a bad luck month so what I’ve done the last two years is just rip January off the calendar. Ta-da. No more January.

That works a little but there’s taxes that are due, the cost of Christmas becomes a reality with the January credit card statement. Ouch! Snow is here for real, cold is here for double real. It’s gray and cloudy.

So to get over it I bought myself a bag of color marshmallows. They taste like dung but the colors make me happy and I’m sitting here thinking of good things about January to help get though it.

Hey, the days are getting longer. Yippppp for that. It’s a good month to write, there’s no yard work to tempt me outside. I made it to 2016.  At my age you take success where you can find it. 

The cats actually cuddle. I tell myself it’s that they adore me but we all know it’s to stay warm. All the crappy weather makes me really appreciate spring when it gets here. I have 11 months to get my Christmas shopping done.

Okay, I feel better now. There are some good things about January. So do you have anything to add to my list? Is there ANYTHING you like about January?

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