Saturday, January 30, 2016

Today and tomorrow only!

Today and tomorrow only -- Kobo is selling The Cozy Chicks books for 50% off.  That's right -- 50% off!  If you haven't given either of them a try, this is the time to do so. Let us tell you a little bit about them.

THE COZY CHICKS KITCHEN:  Welcome! Pull up a stool and let us pour you a cup of coffee. We’ll have a chat as a pot of tomato basil soup bubbles on the stove. While the soup is simmering, feel free to sit back, relax, and listen to the sizzle of lemon chicken cutlets crisping to a golden brown in the frying pan. By the time we catch up on work and family and start discussing the last book we’ve read, the buttery, cinnamon scents of the apple ginger pie baking in the oven will curl around our shoulders like a warm shawl and coax a sigh of contentment from our lips.

TEA TIME WITH THE COZY CHICKS:  The Cozy Chicks realized that tea was such a perfect complement to cozy mysteries that we decided to write a book about it. Not only does Tea Time with the Cozy Chicks have delicious recipes, but it also includes themed tea menus, fascinating articles, fun facts, curious quotes, and helpful hints on how to host the most memorable tea parties ever! And for an extra treat, a few of us have included excerpts of our work as well! Read, cook, drink tea, savor, and most of all enjoy!

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The Cozy Chicks Kitchen and Tea Time With The Cozy Chicks

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