Sunday, January 10, 2016

Something New at the Chicks!

Hi Chicks! 

It’s a New Year and there’s something new going on here at the Chicks on the weekends.

The five of us are doing Spotlights where we talk about our books, characters, settings, how we come up with whodunit, and our lives as writers. This will give you a chance to ask questions and get to know us... and we’ll get to know you.

We’re doing reader interviews. If you’re up to being interviewed email me:

Meeting readers is the very best part of writing!

We’ll also post our fav recipes and hope you share some of yours.

To start things off...
I’m spotlighting one of my characters, Auntie KiKi from my Consignment Shop series. Auntie KiKi is the auntie we should all have in our lives. She’s a family-first kind of Southern gal, auntie to Reagan the main character in the series. She’s a leap before she looks kind of gal getting herself and everyone into more trouble than they bargained for.

Auntie KiKi lives in a big Queen Ann next to Reagan house that’s
been in her husband’s family since before Sherman parked his unwelcome hide in Savannah. She teaches dancing so the young people of Savannah don’t look like idiots at their cotillion and so that the not so young can show off at their 50th anniversary party.  

Back in the day Kiki was a roadie for Cher and never quite left the tour. From time to time she spouts Cheri-isms such as… The trouble with women is that they get all excited about nothing then marry him. 

She started teaching dance to finance her husband through medical school. Uncle Putter…everyone calls him that because he carries around a putter, not that he’s obsessed with golf or anything…is now a top surgeon in Savanna but KiKi is still teaching dance lessons. Mostly it’s to finance her guilty pleasure of designer purses and it keeps her up on the Savannah gossip. She’s the biggest leaf on the kudzu vine. 

KiKi drives a BMW that she and Reagan call the Batmobile when they are out hunting down a killer and this happens more then normal. Seems as though Reagan has a dead body affliction where she stumbles across a lot of dead bodies. Her explanation for this is that when he divorced Hollis-the-horrible the god’s took one lifeless piece of crud from her life and are now determined to fill the gap with a whole lot more.

This gives you a little glimpse into the life of Auntie KiKi. I think she’s the wild side in all of us, the side we wish we had the guts to be all the time. She says things I wish I’d said to that creep at the party, the bully in the eighth grade who made fun of my braces, the waiter who gave me bad service, the neighbor who snubs me.  Next book maybe I’ll do in that neighbor. 

KiKi and Reagan often sit on Reagan’s front porch, swill martinis
and discuss the case they are working on. Some times it’s a two olive case, some times a three olive case. 

If you have any question about KiKi, the series, Savannah, etc ask away. I’ll give away two Demise in Denim totes to kick things off.

Hugs, Duffy 


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