Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pet Memories

by Maggie Sefton

Serena sent me this great photo 

That's it.  I cannot resist, so I'm throwing in the towel and joining in the "adorable pets" photo post.  Let's face it.  We all love to look at cute photos of other people's pets.  And sometimes our own.  But my Border Collie Katy would be appalled at the suggestion that she wear a garment.  Plus, she would never hold still enough for me to put it on her.  She would wiggle and twist and have that sweater off in 2 minutes.  The same goes for Blue Tick Coon Hound Max.  Max would probably let me put a sweater on him, but then he'd wiggle and twist (Coon Hounds are lithe and limber) and have it off in 2 to 3 minutes.  And then, he would eat it.  As far as Hounds are concerned, if it's lying around and doesn't move, then they'll sniff and then have a taste.  They are perpetually hungry eating and running machines.  And the squirrels in my backyard give both Katy and Max a workout.

Serena & Jeff's French Mastiff puppy Boss and Sweet Dachsund  Oscar with the "Devil Eyes."  

So Today, I'm posting cute photos of daughter Serena's and s-i-l Jeff's sweet Dachsund Oscar.     Yes, I've posted many, many photos of Oscar over the last two+ years that Serena and Jeff have been together.  Plus some photos of my doggies.  Mary's post yesterday about their adorable Dachsunds inspired me.  Plus, Oscar let's Serena and Jeff dress him up.  But I'm also compelled to give our friends who are Cat owners and lovers some love first.  :)

I grew up in a home where we had both a dog and a cat.  Our Kitty was named "Kitty."  A deceptively innocent name for our big bruiser of a Tabby.  Our "Kitty" loved to stay out late at night and fight.  And he was good at it.  Needless to say, Kitty was "intact," if you know what I mean.    His only war wound was a slightly mauled ear.  But he was a silly lover boy whenever he was at home with us in a house with 3 women----my grandmother, my mother, and me (a child to be accurate).  Kitty could count on us to ooooh and ahhhhh and pat him incessantly.  

Oscar in one of his Holiday outfits

Our doggy was a sweet-natured black Cocker Spaniel named "Tippy."  Didn't everybody back then have a dog named Tippy?  A real homebody, Tippy did her part by barking if someone came to the front door, but she would have licked any intruder to death if one had ever ventured inside.  Once Tippy died my Mom grieved so that we didn't get another dog.  Until I was married and my husband and I decided on a gorgeous Irish Setter, named "Maggie."  She was beautiful and loved us all and loved to escape our home in West Lafayette, Indiana and go "Walkabout."  In Maggie's case, however, it was "Runabout."  She'd tease us when we went chasing after her.  She'd stop just far enough ahead and look back at us, as if to say 'You gotta run faster to catch me!"  We never did.  We'd ask some student who was passing close by (Purdue University is in W. Lafayette) to grab her collar, then we could capture her.

Border Collie  Katy  at Vet's office

And of course, a great many of you remember my Sweet Rottie Carl that I've posted about many times. Cancer took my sweet boy in 2008.  I always said Death came calling for Carl 3 times.  The first time Carl eluded the grim reaper was when he was just a 10week old puppy and had a terrible dog influenza that takes lots of young
puppies.  With the Texas vet's help, puppy Carl fought it off and survived to thrive. The 2nd time the reaper came calling was in 2007 when the Canine Influenza swept into the U.S. by way of the racing greyhounds in Florida.  That canine flu was a new strain and worked its way through the entire U.S., killing off dogs everywhere.  No dog had immunity.  Plus, most vets didn't even recognize it at first because it mimicked Kennel Cough.  That flu also had a cough with it.  Consequently, some dogs didn't get treated in time.  Thankfully my Ft Collins vet Dr. Mulnix told me that he though Carl had that new flu, then handed me 3 vials of Carl's blood and told me to get Carl to our Colorado State

University Vet School Clinic immediately.  He said he called them and they had a "triage team" waiting for him now.  He loaded Carl into my Explorer and I drove as fast as I could to the Vet School and sure enough, they were standing outside the front door of the large Vet Hospital with a gurney and a team, waiting.  They rushed Carl into Intensive Care and started him on their own "new experiemental" vaccine they were developing against this very flu.

Blue Tick Coon Hound  Max  hoping the Vet has forgotten or lost that dreaded thermometer.

Thanks to their excellent care and that vaccine, Carl recovered quickly and went back to his healthy self, galumphing around the backyard with Border Collie Katy bossing him around.  And you all know that Death came calling for Carl a 3rd time in 2008 with Cancer.  A virulent fast-growing tumor that spread quickly.  He passed peacefully without pain (thanks to the Vet) in my arms at the Vet's office.

Goodness-----I didn't mean to regale you folks with the entire story all over again.  But. . .I guess it's just a reminder of the powerful hold on our emotions and our memories that our Beloved Pets have.  Does anyone want to share a loving memory of your own?  Share with us.

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