Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Oh spring where art thou...

I’m not wishing my life away but when it’s cold and snowy I do tend to think about spring. I make a list of stuff that’s got to be done... clean out the garage, pressure was the fence, trim the bushes…

And I like to plan my garden. Nothing is more fun than thumbing through Burpee’s Catalog and picking out new flowers I’m putting in. I think of color schemes, blooming time, how often do I have to water these things. What to put in the containers, what to plant in the front of the house, the back, at the mailbox.

Consider the colors to use next year, maybe mix it up a little from last year.

The flowerpots are shade with elephant ears in the middle and impatients or begonias. I get sweet potato plant for filler and maybe toss in something that looks good at the nursery.

The front of the house has hydrangeas but I fill in with more begonias. I’m thinking the red with variegated leaves this year as my house is used brick.

And then there are the pots for the ends of the trellis. More shade. Yellow begonias are amazing and bloom like mad. More potato vines to trail down and sway in the breeze.

This year I’m adding least the deer won’t eat them. Lord be praised!!

I have to spray the flowers…roses, hydrangeas and all the rest ever other week with Liquid Fence. It smells like rotten eggs, so gross. No wonder the deer don’t eat the stuff that it’s on.

So what about you? Are you dreaming of your garden? Making plans, salivating over the Burpee cataloge?

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