Saturday, January 23, 2016


By Mary Kennedy                             
Hi ya'll! Rose and Minerva Harper here, from the Dream Club Mysteries.

Rose: Let me give a quick introduction. My sister Minerva and I have lived in Savannah for over eighty years and lately we've been so caught up in our Dream Club meetings and solving murders, I haven't had time to get back to my first love which is genealogy. You see, my family...

Minerva: (interrupting) Rose, land's sake, nothing you do is quick. Let me tell folks who we are. All they really need to know is that we are two of the founding members of the Dream Club, which meets at Ali and Taylor Blake's apartment once a week. They live right above their vintage candy shop, Oldies But Goodies, and they are just the sweetest girls...
Rose. (interrupting). Sometimes we meet more often than that. If we're hot in the trail of a murderer, we usually call emergency meetings. That's the best way to discuss details we uncover in our dreams that may lead to the real killer.
Minerva, (heaves sigh). Well, yes, Rose, don't be so persnickety. Folks want just the facts. And the fact is we've already solved three murders in Savannah by finding clues in our dreams.

Rose (interrupting again). Just the facts, ma'am! That's what they used to say on Dragnet.

Minerva. Stay on topic, Rose. Focus. 

Rose, (sounding aggrieved) Well, can I least tell them about our meetings? The food is fantastic. Ali and Taylor have opened this darling little café in the candy shop and they love to try out all their recipes on us. We're beta-tasters, that's what they call it. They have all the southern favorites, everything from peach crisp to coconut cake and blackberry cobbler.  I think I've gained five pounds just from going to the meetings. (chuckles)
Rose (still talking). In fact, Sybil said she used all her "points" up for the whole day on just one Dream Club meeting and she was shocked!

Minerva. Well, I don't know why she was shocked, she always samples every single thing Ali and Taylor serve. And I don't think Sybil would appreciate you talking about her personal business, Rose. Some people are touchy about their weight and she's goin' to meetings and everything. Bless her soul, she's doing her best. And let's face it, those desserts are just way too tempting.                                      

Rose. Can I at least tell people about the lovely lunch we had at Beaux Reves? The mistress of the estate, Abigail invited us because she was having frightening dreams. She had a premonition of her own death and she wanted us to advise her.
Minerva. Well, now that you've let that cat out of the bag, we might as well go whole hog and tell folks that we solved a murder mystery in that book, too.   It's called A Premonition of Murder and folks can order it right now, if they want.                                     
Rose. Some folks might want to read about our other books and see how we use dreams to solve crimes.
Minerva. For once, I have to agree with you, Rose. Nightmares Can Be Murder is a good place to start. It tells all about the Dream Club and how we happened to form the group. And our work continues in Dream a Little Scream.
Rose: Can I give them Etta Mae's recipe for Blackberry Cobbler?
Minerva. I can see that you're going to keep asking, so yes, give it to them.
Rose: It only has four ingredients! Flour, sugar, milk and butter. (she claps her hands together and smiles)
Minerva (sighs). Five, Rose, Five. You forgot the blackberries.
Rose (abashed.). Okay, well, here goes. 
 one cup milk
 one stick butter, melted
 one cup white sugar
 one cup all purpose flour
 one package fresh blackberries (you can use other fruit if you want)
Mix milk, butter, sugar and milk. Pour into greased 9 by 9 pan. I use Pam.
Now, sprinkle blackberries over the top and bake at 350 for one hour. Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.  It is delicious!!
By Mary Kennedy

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