Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jeans…in or out

Do you wear jeans? Is there an age that you should not wear jeans?

I’ve asked myself this over and over. I’m getting to be a person of a certain age and should I still wear jeans? I know I know, wear what you want and live with it but there are times when one should hang it up.

Pants are so much easier to buy but jeans are a total pain. Not all jeans look good on every type.  Skinnies tend to emphasize a boyish shape. Well forget that my shape is now droopy,  I passed boy long time ago.

And the big question is...what kind of jeans? The average woman tries on 25 pair of jeans before she finds one she likes and here’s the reason…

Zippers on the sides give the illusion of curves. If there is one thing I do not need is more curves. I have curves where no woman should have curves.
The zippers on jeans add an edgy feel. I’m way over edgy. Fact is I’ve fallen off edgy.

Dark wash and bootcut elongate your legs. Okay, I like this. I’m shrinking anything elongated is good.

Boyfriend styles are always tight. Not sure what a boyfriend jean is but I’m done with tight. 

Distressed jeans makes thighs look bigger. Lord knows I don’t need that.
"I've been battling muffin top since I had a baby and they say that a jeans that are higher waist helps keep it under control. I’m in with that! But if you are short-waisted high-rise cuts go up to your boob. With getting shorter I’m afraid of the boob thing.

There are jeans with hidden panels that sucks in my belly. That works as long as it’s not so tight I pass out.

Pockets are good but tilted pockets and exaggerate your backside. This is so not good. I like detailed pockets, but they give me more junk in my trunk. I do not need a trunk full of junk. I have enough junk, thank you very much. But slight distressing makes jeans look less blah but and subtle stitching stands out without adding bulk! I sure have enough of that.

I have found jeans at Chico that work pretty well. They are the Oh so lifting jeans. They lift all my sagging and those jeans sure have their work cut out for them.

So what about you. Jeans or no jeans? Is there an age when you should hang up the denim? Have you found a brand of jeans that you like?

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