Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Enjoying Winter

by Maggie Sefton

It's January, and that's when Colorado normally gets some nice snowstorms and
several inches of snow.    Even thought it's cold in the Winter, our cold here in Colorado is a dry low humidity cold.    Consequently, we don't feel the cold that much.  At least, it doesn't feel like a deep freeze.   I've often told people  that 25 degrees in Colorado feels like 40+ degrees Back East with the humidity.  Now that cold Back East really, really felt cold.  It penetrated through all your clothes and into your bones.     Brrrrrrr!

When our family lived in Indiana where my husband was a professor at Purdue University (wonderful university, by the way), I thought I would freeze to death.  I've never been so cold.  There were periods of Below Zero wind chill.  I still remember---and shudder---the Indiana winter when we had regular days of 60 degrees below zero wind chill.  Yes. . . .you read that right.  It was 60 degrees BELOW ZERO wind chill.  And, brother. . . I can tell you, it felt that way.  I've never been so cold in my entire life.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

They say (whoever in the world "They" are) that each person has an ability to tolerate either cold or heat.  One more than the other.  Not both.  I believe that.  I've always been able to tolerate heat.  And I have friends who simply suffer in the summer, especially Back East where it's humid.  Gee. . .years ago in----you guessed it-----Indiana.  There were some summers where the July temperatures would reach 108 degrees, 110 degrees, even 115 degrees one year.  WITH over 98% humidity!  Yikes!!   I still remember that summer.  :)

Lots of marvelous old memories from our years in Indiana.   When my husband and I arrived in 1973 with two little girls (and we went on to have two more daughters while we lived there) the Hoosiers, as Indiana natives are called, told us that in Indiana  "If it was tall, it was corn.  If it was short, it was soybeans."  And, you know. . . they were right.  :)   Do any of you have weather memories from your states or "farming memories?"  Why not share them with the rest of us?  We'll enjoy them together.

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