Monday, January 18, 2016


By Mary Kennedy
Sometimes I think there are two types of people in the world--those who love to dress up their pets and those who think it's a wacky idea. I have to admit, I fall into the first camp; I enjoy cats in bowties, dogs in fedoras and everything in between.  But wait, let me clarify. I enjoy seeing other people's pets in costumes, my six unruly cats would never let me dress them up in anything! I even promised them liver treats if they would don a Halloween costume and it was a no-go.
Some pet outfits are practical and make perfect sense. Check out Duncan, Fred Yoder's adorable dog, braving an Indiana winter in his parka. What's not to love? Duncan's outfit is practical (and he looks darn cute)
The same goes for doxies in raincoats, certainly these adorable little outfits serve a good purpose.
And some outfits veer toward the bizarre. The dog above is ready for his Bark Mitzvah.                                   
 A cat wearing an apron may (or may not) be practical. Yes, she looks cute helping Mommy in the kitchen, but seriously, how much can she accomplish?  (And what would the Board of Health say!)                           
 A pair of glasses can make a cat look thoughtful....                                                          
...or ready to run for office. Hank (pictured below, wearing a bow tie) ran for office in Virginia. The bow tie adds a certain gravitas, I think. Think "Tucker Carlson."
A hat can make a dog look like a Skipper ("Aye, aye, captain!")                               

  Or just plain cute...
And who can resist a cat in a Santa hat?

 A costume can turn a dog into a leprechaun (sort of)
Some people say that cats and dogs don't need cute outfits, they're perfect, just as they are.
 What do you think? Would you dress up your pet? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
By Mary Kennedy

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