Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Back on the Straight and Narrow

by Maggie Sefton

The Cozy Chicks are paying attention to comments from our readers on The Cozy Chicks Group Facebook page.  This week, I'm highlighting the two E-shorts I've written and which are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other E-book retailers.   The first is  "WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?"  It's an in depth look at all of the characters in the Kelly Flynn Mystery series.  The second is  "Halloween Scare" which is a surprising and  dramatic episode with the Kelly Flynn characters which takes place between YARN OVER MURDER and this year's new release PURL UP AND DIE.   


Oh, my.  Am I ready to have the holidays over.  I absolutely love this time of year with visits to family and friends and lots of yummy, yummy food surrounding everything.  And I DO mean everything.  Especially tempting are all those desserts and goodies.  Since I have a sweet tooth and a weakness for chocolate, this is a fun, fabulous, but fattening time of year.

So----January has always been my lifeline.  I know that I can finally turn away from all those fattening treats.  First order of business:  DON'T KEEP THEM IN THE HOUSE!   Not in the fridge, not in the cabinets.  No, nein, nyet!   January is the time to get back on what I call the Straight and Narrow.  :)  Yes, I know that sounds weird.  But all it means is I go back to my normal healthy eating habits----Lean meat, chicken or fish, veggies, and lots of salads.  I adore fresh spinach so salads are easy for me to wolf down.  I always buy one of those big rectangular plastic tubs with Baby Spinach.

BTW, for the past several years (probably 8+), I've also made it a point to choose free range grass-fed beef,  cage-free chickens, and wild-caught fish.  And I make it a point to learn where the grocery stores supplies of veggies and fruits come from and who raised them.  Yes, that costs a little more, but it's really not much.

What methods do you folks use to attack/lose/get ride of  any "extra"weight gain from the holidays?

Our readers have also asked for more information about the other books and stories we are writing.  Therefore, you will see me mention more often the other fiction I write, apart from the Kelly Flynn Mysteries.  

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